Liferaft in Sack 8 Seats Eurovinil Coastaldry

A sailor without much experience knows that when it comes to sailing the most important thing is to preserve the life of all those who are in it, the ideal to ensure a perfect state of everything that is inside and outside the ship, each one of its parts must be manufactured with the highest margin of quality and thus ensure the extension and safety of your time at sea.

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LED lantern IP67 1W

When you have a boat it is always necessary to have an emergency box at hand that has everything you may need in case of an inconvenience, passing through screwdrivers, crack cracks, canned, a survival knife and a LED Nautical Lantern IP67 1W what you will find in PORTABLE SEARCHLIGHTS AND TORCHES which has the perfect characteristics to be used on the high seas because due to the general similarity of the flashlights many times people obviate the fact that every electrical component in a boat must be able to withstand water what this flashlight does.

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Ancre Rocna Original Galvanisé à 15kg

Il existe des éléments clés dans un bateau, y compris le Rocna Anchor Original galvanisé à 15 kg que trouverez-vous dans ANCRES VULCAN ET ROCNA un objet en fer créé pour sécuriser le navire et l’empêcher de dériver, généralement sous la forme d’un harpon ou d’un hameçon aux extrémités des crochets. , le même est attaché à une chaîne ou une corde et est jeté du bateau au fond de la mer, une rivière ou un lac pour remplir sa fonction.

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