Lifejackets Nadir 100 Newtons Children

The Nadir 100 Newtons Children’s Lifejackets what you will find in INFLATABLE LIFE JACKETS are items designed to keep the head of the most spoiled on the surface when submerged in water.

Therefore, they should never be missing when it comes to carrying out any nautical activity, be it in the sea, lakes, rivers or swimming pool. In addition, the Nadir 100 Newtons Children Lifejackets are easy to use and thanks to its excellent European manufacture it is 100% resistant to climatic changes.


Qualities of Lifejackets Nadir 100 Newtons Children


  • The Nadir 100 Newtons Children Lifejackets, are characterized by practical, closed-neck, adjustable waist with reflective bands and bright color visible in the dark.
  • They have tabs or pockets to carry accessories such as a flashlight and a whistle, which in case of emergency will be useful to the most consented crew members of the boats.
  • Nadir Life Jackets 100 Newtons Children, do not usually completely cover the child as the standard model, so it is best suited to use on sunny days.
  • They do not impede the mobility of the child when he is doing an activity such as rowing or fishing.
  • Nadir Life Jackets 100 Newtons Children, can be obtained from various children’s designs.


Lifejackets: International Security Measures


The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, also known as SOLAS, recommends that recreational boats have a Lifeguard Nadir 100 Newtons per Child, since these tend to suffer a greater number of accidents compared to other classes of boats Likewise, ships must have a minimum of 2 lifejackets, for obese people.


It is important to note that mothers and fathers can feel safe having their children wear life jackets Nadir 100 Newtons Children, because they comply with all international safety certificates.


Checks to be made to life vests


The safety of children is an aspect that should not be neglected at any time. Therefore, adults must be constant vigilant of those who are beginning to venture into nautical activities, periodically performing the following checks:

  • Check that the Nadir 100 Newtons Child Lifejacket has the name of the port and the boat well written.
  • Check the buoyancy of the Nadir 100 Newtons Children Lifejackets.
  • Check the proper functioning of the whistle and the flashlight.
  • Continuously highlight the reflective tapes of the Nadir 100 Newtons Children Lifejackets.


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