Life jacket Kitesurf 40-60kg

When a sport is practiced in the sea, safety must always be taken into account first of all, thus avoiding accidents and paralyzing the game.

One of the most common accidents on any aquatic surface is drowning and the easiest way to avoid it is with a Life jacket Kitesurf 40-60kg what you will find in INFLATABLE LIFE JACKETS.


The main characteristics of a 40-60kg Kitesurf lifejacket are: its buoyancy helps 50NDesigned to be used by those who practice kite surfing or any other sport, thanks to the hole of the measurement for slings. It contains blocks of PVC foam, the shell is made with external Ripstop polyester as in the back and sides, great connection with sliding closure, adjustable shoulder and side straps for a front mesh, pocket and elastic.


Characteristics of Kitesurf lifejacket 40-60kg


The Kitesurf Lifejacket handles weights with a minimum of 40kg and a maximum of 60kg, commonly used in sports where the confidence of the athlete is much greater and handles great swimming skills, but this type of activities are not in closed areas or where all the elements are controlled, when you are in totally free areas where nature could change at any time and it is necessary that during an unforeseen event you are completely cautious.


The Caution in the water as mentioned before during these sports is handled a higher risk, among other factors the most predominant is that they are performed in outdoor and natural environments, not in controlled and closed environments such as a pool . A multitude of unforeseen events may arise, which must be anticipated with preventive security measures. The most commonly used Kitesurf lifejacket 40-60kg


Other elements to use to ensure full security is to have adequate equipment and review the material each time it is going to be used: wetsuits, boards, oxygen systems, boats, shovels, ropes, specific shoes, among others. The vest will be essential for the descent of rivers, canoeing or paddle surfing. The helmet is also necessary for sports such as water canyoning, rafting, kayaking or canoeing.


Another factor that could prevent an accident is to be very well informed. The more training and knowledge of the sport you have, the more confidence you will gain in yourself and therefore increase in your own safety and that of the people who accompany you. . Not only is a good technique necessary, but also a good knowledge of the measures you must take in case of an accident, or the guidelines for first aid both in water and on land.

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