Winch Electric Trailers BOAT WINCH 1600KG

The BOAT WINCH 1600KG Trailers Winch is intended to pull a boat weighing up to 1600 Kg with a line speed of 6 feet per minute. It is very impressive since it is a powerful electric winch. The 12 V power is very robust and can be activated from a wireless remote control. It has a diameter of 32 inches and the length of the cable is 40 feet long.

Located on the winch cover has an emergency crank in case of no power. It is recommended for those with heavy boats or who by themselves using a manual winch simply can not pull the boat. You do not have to pull the controlled boat as it can be used with a remote control.

Operation of Electric Winch Trailers BOAT WINCH 1600KG

The BOAT WINCH 1600KG Electric Winches Trailer can be driven by an electric machine, attached to a roller or roller that is attached to a rope, which is intended to drag, lift or move objects and large loads, in this case the winch perfectly works for the towing of other vessels that are damaged at sea.

The BOAT WINCH 1600KG Electric Winches Trailer uses a low stretch steel cable that attaches to the boat where you can click on a button or use a remote control to activate traction.

To load a boat to a trailer must be taken into account:

  • To avoid scratching the floor, the motor must be tilted upwards.
  • Tie the strap to the loop.
  • Start to raise the trailer boat.
  • Make sure the boat is in the center of the trailer.
  • Once it is properly hooked, the chain can be fastened
  • Drive the boat / trailer to the stand.
  • Secure all safety belts
  • Before starting a trip, carry out the necessary checks.

To launch a boat to a trailer, you must:

  • When the centers are hot, the trailer should not be allowed to enter the water.
  • Do not prevent other users from using the stands
  • Make sure you have removed all the safety straps
  • Place the boat in the water until the stern of the boat begins to float. Have another person check before leaving the vehicle.
  • Remove the chain and the bow from the belt.
  • Let the boat slide slowly from the trailer with someone holding a rope so that it does not move away in the water
  • Tie up the boat and park the car.

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