Seat Base universal Swivel Inox

Universal Swivel Base Inox made of polished stainless steel, can rotate 360 ° any type of seat, the rotation is done manually. This marine pedestals is a solid and stable platform, and is designed to be connected to any model of chairs and supports up to 100kg of maximum load.

This base only increases the height of the seat by 2 cm and allows thanks to a goal that has built-in and that allows to adjust the base to the desired position.

Features of Universal Swivel Seat Base Inox

  • The design of this Universal Inox Swivel Seat Base is designed so that the installation of seats on the boat can be made much easier.
  • This plate is resistant to corrosion and proof against the sun’s rays so it is absolutely durable.
  • Rotation with 360 ° bearings, ideal for fishermen, as it can rotate in the desired position.
  • Size 175 mm long, 175 mm wide and 2 cm high.
  • Weight: 0.83 Kg.
  • It is a lightweight base, of high quality and with great resistance.

Installation of Universal Swivel Base Inox

  • Drill holes in the pilot holes through the bench in each of the marked locations, preferably with an electric drill with a drill that is half the diameter of the supplied wood screws.
  • Then fix the drive coupling on each countersunk screw with a screwdriver or electric drill with a pointed screw fitting.
  • Establish the location of the Universal Swivel Seat Base in Abs on a bench or on the deck of the boat. Usually, the seats are in the center of the foredeck for casting in advance as the boat approaches a fishing location.
  • Place the rotating base in the desired location. Mark the cover for pilot holes in each of the holes machined in the base. Drill pilot holes of appropriate size for the screws of the stainless steel machine supplied in each of the marks.
  • Place the base in its place and align the machined holes with the pilot holes. Insert the supplied screws fully into the base and through the pilot holes.

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