Handle Aluminum handle Safe 100mm Spare Pedestals

The Safe 100mm Aluminum Knob Spare Pedestals is made of anodized aluminum for Safe brand pedestals. Its material is resistent to friction, to the marine environment and to UV rays. This marine pedestal is intended to adjust the seat to the height or position that is most comfortable for the user.

Features of Aluminum Knob Safe 100mm Replacement Pedestals

  • Made of aluminum, for longer life.
  • 100mm handle size for greater stability.
  • It is lightweight, of the highest quality and with great resistance.

Functions Handle Aluminum knob Safe 100mm Spare Pedestals

The handle Safe Aluminum Knob 100mm Pedestals Replacement is a piece that is used to adjust the height of the chair or table according to the need of the navigator, whether it is used on any model of pedestal to raise and lower or to turn its purpose main is to maintain the position indicated.

It is recommended that the handle knob Aluminum Safe 100mm Spare Pedestals that are used for the change is of quality and is in good condition so that the team in general work harmoniously and accidents do not occur to use them

Importance of Handle Safe Aluminum knob 100mm Spare Pedestals

The handle Knob of Aluminum Safe 100mm Spare Pedestals is a part of excellent quality that when placing it in the Pedestal where it will be needed will allow to place the armchair to the suitable height and to enjoy a trip comfortably, besides contributing to the piece distinction, beauty, robustness and durability.

It is manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment thanks to the qualities and treatments of aluminum, it is easy to maintain and is resistant to high wear and other damages that may suffer.

Maintenance Handle Aluminum knob Safe 100mm Spare Pedestals

The surfaces of the Safe Aluminum Knob 100mm Spare Pedestals should be cleaned, for this it is recommended not to use alcohol, thinners, abrasives or solvents. It is best to use warm water and non-alkaline neutral detergents.

It is advisable to check the Safe Aluminum Knob Handle 100mm Spare Pedestals every 6 months to check that it has not been loosened by vibrations and use. In the event that this is the case, it will suffice to tighten if it is loosened, if it is isolated it should be replaced by another of the same model.


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