Aluminum sliding base 200×330 mm for Marine armchairs

The sliding aluminum base of 200×330 mm for marine pedestal chairs is highly adaptable and comfortable for the user, it is a base with ergonomic mechanisms totally adaptable to the user through a handle that is placed on the same base. The displacement of the base is stable and without sudden movements.

Characteristics of sliding base aluminum 200×330 mm for marine armchairs

  • Sliding is carried out manually and sustained, since it offers a certain resistance to avoid sudden movements.
  • It is made of anodized aluminum with a glossy finish making it more resistant to marine use and environment
  • Base diameter: 228 mm, tube diameter: 87 mm
  • It is waterproof thanks to its anodized aluminum construction.
  • It is reinforced and thus prevents it from breaking when in contact with rough or sharp surfaces.
  • Fully resistant to inclement weather or continuous exposure to the sea.
  • It is compatible with any pedestal model.

Maintenance of 200×330 mm sliding aluminum base for Marine armchairs

  • Periodically inspect the 200×330 mm Aluminum Sealant Slide Base to find scratches, stains and other damage to ensure minor repairs are made regularly.
  • Also periodically inspect all the components of the Aluminum 200×330 mm sliding base for Marine chairs as well as fixing systems to ensure that everything is structurally intact and functioning properly.
  • Replace the damaged parts and tighten any loose screws.
  • In general, the use of water-based and biodegradable cleaning products is recommended, as well as a test in a small area first to ensure that the result is favorable and does not damage the original properties of the base.
  • Apply industrial or homemade cotton preseparated car wax. In humid climates and saline environment should be applied once a month.
  • It is not recommended to use benzene, acetone, denatured alcohol or gasoline or any product that contains any of these components; These solvents soften the surface and can cause cracks or damage. Avoid using solutions to clean crystals as well as cleaners and abrasive instruments. Make sure that the cleaning materials are always free of coarse dust or particles that could damage the furniture.

● For difficult stains, a mild soap solution should be applied with a clean sponge, then rinsed well and allowed to dry in the open air. For oil and grease stains, clean the skin with a clean, dry cloth and let the oil residue fade into the skin.

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